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We help customers built World Class
Construction Projects Since 2004

We are a leading construction company who pride ourselves in the delivery of quality and efficient services in the general construction industry since 2004. Our portfolio deals in a wide range of activities in the following areas:


Construction Planning

Undertaken successful projects in the public sectors ranges from extensive industrial and commercial developments, to customized solutions.

Job Order Contract

Our Job Order Contract Management team is designed to control and manage concurrent multi-discipline construction projects at diverse locations.

Project Management

Our team of management experts will walk with you through all the complexities of planning, implementing and managing a project.

Construction Management

Processes such as material requisition and utilization are all done through computer systems to ensure no money or time is wasted in the project.


We have experienced staff members who thoroughly analyze and understand the requirements of each project and thrive to meet the goals.

Submittal Management

We have recruited individuals with excellent contract submittal management experience and are capable to form the nucleus of our planned submittal management team.